Saturday, June 7, 2008

My first ever Starbucks

If you think that the Mall culture is vibrant only in India, think again. Of course, in Detroit and in other cities across US, since spending is such an integral part of their culture that stores are always in abundant everywhere, that they have had, for years, a cluster of stores and shops in one big complex. These are not malls, they are called shopping complexes, where you have several shops, just like a mall, but unlike the latter, they have separate entrances and are technically separate from one another but are just there in the same complex so that customers are convenienced.

But on 20 May, we went to this luxury mall in Troy, mama & mami's home suburb for over 20 years, before they shifted to Novi. For us though, it was more a window-shopping experience. But I had my first-ever Starbucks coffee there. I am not much of a coffee person; I like to have my tea wherever I go. But coffee culture is soon spreading in India too; coffee parlours like Cafe Coffee Day, Barista and Mocha have becomes a good dating ground infact. Starbucks serves tea too, and though I wanted to have tea more than coffee, I thought it's sacrilege to have tea in Starbucks when you are visiting it for the first time in your life. So it was coffee, then, for me and chocolate brownie to go with it. I would have preferred Kayani's Shrewsberry biscuits, but the brownie was great too.

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