Saturday, June 28, 2008

Toronto & Niagara Falls - Day 2 - 8 June

Toronto is a livelier city than Detroit. It's systematic & clean and yet you don't feel so deserted in most of their sub-divisions like you feel in Detroit. Yet, lots of Americans prefer complete isolation (they call it privacy!).

In US, the best way to see a popular city is take its city tour bus or something. So we took this bus tour called the Hippo tour. Why Hippo? Because its a bus that gets converted into a boat when in water! So it was a land and a boat tour combined, without even leaving the bus. We started this tour in Toronto downtown and soon winded our way through their streets. There's a street called Younge Street in Toronto which holds the Guiness World Record for being the longest street in the world.

The view from the C.N. tower -Canada's tallest free-structure building is awesome. On a clear day, you can see as far as Niagara Falls from here. of course, I couldn't see it, because 1) it was rainy and cloudy that day, and, 2) such clear sky days, when you see all that far, are very rare. There's a place in C.N.Tower called the Skyglass or something, where a part of the floor is build out of glass, so if you stand on it, you can see all the way to the ground - the bottom of the building. Like the Skywalk in the Grand Canyon. It's scary and I chickened out, so I didn't stand on top of it.

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