Tuesday, May 20, 2008

USA 2008 - Detroit - Week 1

So it's still week #1. We went to Kensington Park and did a tour of the various parks and lakes in the area. It's a beautiful picnic and recreation spot filled with gardens that surround many lakes there. Of course, like the rest of the city, its spotless clean and you won't notice a speck of dirt or garbage lying anywhere. Because of the cold climate and windy conditions prevalent early on the week, there were not many people out there on picnic, but few groups of children and adults were there, having fun, playing games, Frisbees, cycling and also fishing. Long and never-ending roads winding between rows and rows of lush green forest areas take us through this large park and past many lakes. You could also see ducks and swans in the lakes, and also a few kayaks there. It's a beautiful picnic spot to spend your day with your family. If you wish to cycle, there are long and uninterrupted cycle tracks. Provided the weather is bearable, of course.

In between sightseeing, stores tours began. So a regular dose of Kohl's DSW, Meijer, Dunhan's was in order. We also visited the Walled lake, one of the many lakes in and around Michigan with old, but beautiful homes built on its edge. These houses may be old, but carry a good worth on account of its location. The other lake that I visited was Orchard lake, but unlike the Walled lake, this one is surrounded by big, palatial houses.

On 19 May, it was Villoomami's birthday. So in the evening, her children - my cousins - and their families organised a dinner at a local Chinese restaurant. The food was very good and it was nice spending good quality time with the entire family and kids.

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