Thursday, June 26, 2008

Casinos in Atlantic City - 3 June 2008

Atlantic city is a couple of hours drive from Philly and is a nice place to spend a few hours here and there, so around 10nish, we zipped there in Khushru's car. Besides its well-known Casinos (nothing like Las Vegas though), it's also known for its shopping. You get top brands and a whole host of stuff at attractive prices, but mostly clothes.

Later, I went to a Casino for the first time in my life. Hundreds of slot machines in rows after rows, as far as your eyes can go, playing all sort of sounds - as if they're singing 'please come and play me' - lots of people focusing and concentrating on their own slot machines much like young children focusing in a class at school, groups of young and old playing poker at the various poker tables, much like James Bond in Casino Royale (there are special rooms in Casinos for very high stakes poker games also) and glitzy chandeliers all over the place, making the place more lit up than the Taj Mahal hotel lobby. You mostly find old people there who come to play for hours and hours. It's an addiction for many of them. There are also tours that take people either in a bus, say from Philly to Atlantic City, spend an entire day at the Casinos (those interested in shopping can do that too) and return back home that evening and stay a night there and return the next morning. There are charter plane tours too that take people from all over USA to Las Vegas on a 3-day Casino extravaganza and back! I gave in to the temptation and played $5. The moment I lost $3, I cut my losses and checked out.

There's a nice ocean-front walk that we can take, called the boardwalk. Good way to relax and spend your evening there.

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