Saturday, June 7, 2008

Dhansakh at Havovi and Erich's

Just 3 days away from my NY tour, mama took me to AAA. This is an institution across USA and Canada that has database of every travel to all the parts of the world that you can go to. In exchange for a annual fee, you can avail of services like maps, travel guides, AAA travel agents that guide and / or plan your entire travel, arrange tours for you, etc. It's a pretty neat organisation and the officials there really take time out to help you, very patiently.

Another thing that I observed there was the courteousness with which most sales staff of any shop / help desk, etc would help you. They'll ask: "hi, how are you going today?" to complete strangers and they always greet you with a smile. You do get some grouchy ones here and there, but those are to the bare minimum.

Later, it was time to go to Erich and Havovi's house. Havovi had cooked great dhansakh and my favourite dessert - chocolate mousse - to go with it. Dhansakh was awesome and I didn't mind over-eating. In addition to being a fabulous wife and caring mom, she's also a terrific home-keeper. And like many women of my family, a terrific host.

Erich's home lived up to all the hype that I have been hearing for quite some time. Everything is grand here. The seating area, the dining area, the entrance, the patio, the bathrooms, everything. Obviously a lot of sweat, toil and of course Vitamin M, has gone into building it. Two things that I loved most about his home; his home theatre in the basement - who would want to go to the cinema after watching a movie there - and his backyard that he had specially made for his kids to play around.

Next day, Mama & mami took us to a mid-eastern restaurant and we had nice Lamb Wraps there. The best part of the restaurants in US - and something that we later had a first-hand experience throughout our stay in New York - is that one portion can suffice for two. Wraps available here are three times the size and quantity of the wraps that are available at say Tibbs Frankies at Aga's Place in Coloba. A nice afternoon siesta followed. zzzzzzzzzzzz...............

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