Monday, October 29, 2007

...of 5-star hotels and toilet papers

What is it about 5-star hotels and thier toilets? I have visited several of them to attend press conferences and a recent one to attend a major event hosted by my magazine, Outlook Money. All of them that I have visited, I have noticed that thier toilets do not have water or hand showers. They only have toilet paper. Be it the Taj, Oberoi, Hyatt - I'm pretty sure many other hotels are pretty much the same, thier toilets do not have water for us to wash our bottoms. Quite clearly they cater only to foreign tourists.

What a shame! With India growing at 9-10% a year, and Indian tourists now spending more and more money on travel, our 5-star hotels still prefer to remain pretentious and pamper foreigners at the expense of our bums! I am an Indian. I need and use water, not toilet paper. I do like to clean myself thoroughly after attending nature's call. Which is why, I avoid going to a 5-star hotel when GOD forbid i have an upset tummy.

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