Saturday, October 27, 2007

Baby kaiyyan

My second cousin Cyrus's wife Armin gave birth to thier first child Kaiyyan on August 10, 2007. This is the first child amongst all my college jing-bang members (we were 6 in all), so in a way it's a special moment. Last sunday i went to see him and he was as cute as all babies are. I held him in my hands and played with him, though he did not seem much interested in me; he was contuinuosly looking at his dad! But no matter. Children are truly a bundle a joy. They are and look very innocent, with no ill in them, devoid of all vice that we adults sometimes can be so full of. You look into a child's eyes and see nothing but pure innocence. Looking at babies at Kaiyyan make me want to have children some day.

Yes, Kaiyyan is special because he is the first child in my college friend's circle. I wish him all the best.

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