Tuesday, October 30, 2007

MTNL is still sarkari

Last week, i went to subscribe to MTNL's broadband connection. I already have a Hathway broadband connection at my house, but I am not happy about thier service. Hathway's customer call number is pathetic and quite some of thier staff have no knowledge as to how to settle our queries. And thier billing department is worse; they have twice over-charged me and on several other occassions have not solved my queries to my satisfaction. But this piece is not about Hathway. It's on MTNL.

Anyway, much to my dismay, MTNL has already started to demonstrate its lack of customer service. As it was me who applied for the broadband connection, I did so under my name. But my telephone connection (through which the broadband connectivity will flow) is in my mom's name. Naturally, I did not knew that since the broadband connection has to be in the same person's name in whose name the telehphone connection is.

After three days, they called me to thier office to change the name in the original application form. I did that. Yesterday they called me yet again, to tell me that my mom's signature was now required since the name on the application now stands changed. So i went there to get the form and will now have to go back tomorrow, yet again, to submit the form signed by mom.

3 unnecessary visits to thier office, in addition to the first one, to submit the form for the first time. With MTNL now claiming how advanced they have become, couldn't they have guided me properly in the first instance itself? As if this is not enough the waiting period for getting a broadband connection in my telephone exchange (Malabar Hill, south Mumbai) is around two months! Hail technology!

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