Thursday, October 25, 2007

Justine Henin

I am a die-hard tennis fan. No, i don't like Cricket; both the game and its players are over-hyped. So you'll get to hear my views on tennis, events and happenings, a lot here. Here's a start:

After Steffi Graf - the all-time great tennis player and a legend who is now well into her retirement and family ways, my next favourite female tennier players is Justine Henin. Although small & petite, she oozes power as well as grace with loads of talent to go with it, and one sees her winning tournaments in style.

I find her to be very competitive and one that posseses the killer instinct, but there have been reports in the media, often, about her so-called unsportsmanship behavior. Particularly, her habit of looking at her coach, Carlos Rodrigues, to take hints from him as to what to do next; whether to challenge a call, whether to serve in a particular way, and so on.

Yes I like Justine, but i do not approve of this on-court coaching that the Women's Tennnis Association (WTA) tour allows. I think the true mettle of a tennis player shows when he/she battles it out completely on his/her own and strategising one's own techniques to beat the opponent. Try putting the player's entourage, including coach and family, in a box much like the one where the commentators sit. The players won't be able to see them, but the entourage will be able see thier players fight it out.

The WTA rule sucks. But having said that, i must say that Justine Henin rocks, having won 9 of 13 titles she's entered so far this year, with the final WTA Championships remaining, and re-affirming the No. 1 ranking.


  1. THANKS kAYEZADBHAI for highlighting Rodamay of our Bhuj who is devoting her life not only for Agiyari but Great Jarthursta.,
    whom you Parsis call your Khodayji.
    I am forwarding your article to KUTCH MITRA, daily of Janmabhoomi group of M'bai published from Bhuj.
    You may pass yours to Mumbai Samachar for wider circulation amongst Parsis & Gujaratis.

  2. Thanks Rashmikant. It's the least we can do to take cognizance of Rodamai's service


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