Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Brothers & Sisters

Fortunately, there's more to TV than the saas-bahu never-ending sagas and the breaking news. Brothers & Sisters (Star world channel, 10 PM, Tuesdays) is a new serial that I strongly recommend for viewing. The story revolves around the traditional, California-based, Walker family led by the widow Nora (role played by Sally Field) and her five children, Sarah, Kevin, Tommy, Kitty and Justin. Calista Flockhardt who played the title role of Ally McBeal in the classic comedy years back, makes a strong come-back and plays the role of Kitty.

The saga traces the story of Nora's deceased husband and uncovering all the wrong-doings he had done when he was alive (embezzlement, extra marital affair, illegitimate child, etc), coming to terms with all the mess he left behind and now having to set them right by the surviving members of the family. At the same time, the family has problems of their own with almost all siblings having some issues or the other, like the youngest of them all, Justin's drug addiction on account of the depression he suffered when serving the US military in Afghanistan post 9-11.

Problems in the Walker seem to be never-ending, but they stress on family values and come to aid one another in times distress. It reminds us the importance of family and family values and no matter what the problem is and when it may befall upon us, you can count on your own family, no matter how quirky it may be, to help you out.

It's one with an ensemble cast, and you see many pupolar faces of TV come together here. The performances are top class and each member of the Walker family potrays his or her role brilliantly with Field and Flockhardt topping my favourites list. Watch it.

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