Thursday, January 1, 2009

South India tour: Day 3 - Coorg Misty Woods (27 December 2008)

Hotel Misty Woods is a holiday resort deep in the forests of Kakkabe in the district of Coorg. It's a task reaching there allright, with numerous twists and turns along the narrow -and at times muddy roads -winding through the densest of the forests. The forests and the greenery of Coorg is unbelievably beautiful. But because Misty Woods is so deep inside Kakkabe, it's always recommended to reach here before dark. It gets really dark after sunset. But once you reach Misty Woods, you are in heaven. The resort is on a steep hill, the reception is below and the cottages (only cottages here, not rooms) are scattered all over its hilly property. The cottages are beautiful, very heritage type, typical South Indian superior woodwork. No T.V. and heater are its only minuses. But these are small sacrifices to be made, and if you are in Coorg, you have ample of nature for good company. Savour it while you're there; it's quite unlike anything you've seen before. The manager Daniel -ably assisted by his team -was committed to make our stay a memorable one. 

As we were quite tired with all the travelling the day before, we decided to take the day off and
 remain enveloped in nature (picture 2). Misty Woods is a huge property, and offers ample of scope for short walks and treks. It's a hilly area all the way, so I had to do a lot of climbing up and down whilst exploring the beautiful area, coffee (picture 1), pepper, cardamom plantations and also a waterfall in the vicinity apart from a small and deserted ancient Palace just outside the resort complex that is manned by only one gatekeeper (entry free) . As I said, I am not complaining!


  1. I had been to this place this week end and the place in extremely good. But guys the food is extremely poor and you have absolutly no room service. Even for a cup of coffee early in the morning you have to walk uphill around 200 mts. The food is just average.

  2. Yes Sujay you're right about the food. I didn't find the food to be anything spectacular either. And yes, there is a lot of climbing to be done there, but the manager is very co-operative and the girls who work there as staff do a good job in going up and down the hill several times a day. You need to just tell either the manager in advance or call the restaurant that you want coffee / tea early morning and they'll get it for you on time. A better strategy is to book your cottage near the restaurant, so you don't have to climb much


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