Thursday, January 1, 2009

South India tour: Day 1 - Mysore (25 December 2008)

The new Bangalore airport rocks, it's the best Indian airport I have seen so far. However, there's hardly much to be seen after you disembark as you are quickly led to the baggage claim area and in no time, you are out. 

I decided to skip Bangalore taking ample cues from several recommendations from friends. So I proceeded straight to Mysore. My first stop was Srirangapatna, former capital of Tipu Sultan. I stopped by the most important tourist destination in this town - Dariya Daulat Baug (picture 1). This was the summer palace of Tipu Sultan. It's set amidst beautifully manicured and vast lawns. From the outside, the building looks quite ordinary, however it has a treasure of precious paintings, coins, swords, guns and such ancient and historical artifacts. 

Next stop: Brindavan Gardens (picture 2). The one thing that you notice once you enter this place is its ample number of water fountains. We were there at about 17.00 hrs, but the place really comes alive once the lights come out at 18.30 hrs. Although in hindsight, i felt it was a good idea to reach there a good hour or so before sunset so that there's enough light to admire the beauty of the gardens and then also get to see it under the lights. A brief sound & light show also takes place at either the north/south-end (I was unable to figure out the directions) of the gardens. This is like the water fountain in all colours and music being played in the background. Something like the Ballagio musical fountain in Las Vegas. But if you've seen the latter, you will easily forget the Brindavan gardens sound & light show. 

Following is the video I shot whilst taking off from the Bombay airport. It was a very hazy morning, so the views aren't spectacular. Enjoy! 

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