Sunday, November 4, 2007

Jashan and Pulav Dalal at Kashmira Commerce Classes

Early today morning on a Sunday, when I would normally wake up at 9.00, I landed up at Kashmira Commerce Classes in Mulund because Kashmira, my cousin, had organised a jashan ceremony. After an hour of sitting through a good puja session, and gulping down an averagely-made malido - a popular sweet treat in Parsis served on auspicious occassions but very calorie unconciousness-like - thereafter, we headed for Perin Fui's house for lunch in Thane. A glass of beer and yummy chicken pulav-dal mixed with Godi's koyla (and yet extremely well-said that makes them 10 times funnier that they were intended to be) jokes was served. Kashmira makes the second best pulav-dal in the world. My mom holds the No. 1 position at that, a position she holds in several other areas, as well!

All in all, a well-spent Sunday. And yes, Kashmira's commerce classes will invoke the blessings of GOD and would continue to prosper. Not because of the jashan ceremony today, but because she is one enterprising and hardworling lady. I have rarely come across a woman who manages her home and office as efficiently as she does. She may have a sharp tongue but she can have a heart of gold. Always ready to help the family in times of need. Last, but not the least, she is a damm good Economics professor. Simple, erudite and staright to the point is what she is when teaching. If you want to learn Economics, join Kashmira Commerce Classes, at Mulund or Ghatkopar.

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