Saturday, December 11, 2010

Food at Clarke's Quay and Newton

If you're visiting Singapore, one thing is guaranteed. You'll never go hungry. With multiple eateries at a stone's throw from one another in Little India, to gigantic food plazas like Newton, there's enough non-vej and vej people. We wanted to try out Clarke's Quay on our first day but thanks to rains- oh yes it rains almost everyday in Singapore-we had to postpone till after 2-3 days. Clarke's Quay is a cluster of about 30 odd eateries alongside the Singapore river. A few blocks away is the Boat Quay which also has similar restaurants. These restaurants serve almost any cuisine there is to be tasted in the world. From fusion Indian, to Thai to Chinese to even just desserts, there's ample on the platter to savour. I am a sucker for Thai food and apart from Chinese, you must taste Thai food in any of these East Asian countries. The restaurants that are immediately adjacent to the river are meant for families, whilst those that are a bit inside are pubs and open-air bars meant for the young crowd. Renn Thai- our place- was adjacent to the river. The restaurant next to us was an Indian cuisine, and it felt very nice to see the goras sitting out there and enjoying a nice good Indian meal.

And the breezy setting was perfect after a long and tiring day outing. A little pleading with the Maitre D-Hotel got us the window seats (those immediately adjacent to the river) but it was worth it. Though the food gets cold pretty fast thanks to the riverside breeze. Prawns and chicken Thai curry rice; absolutely awesome. Reminded me of Thai Pavillion, but thankfully at half that cost and as authentic Thai as it can get. A single gravy / curry portion is quite enough for two, but rice quantity is always small. You may need two bowls of rice per person. We had desserts at another restaurant called Necterie, inside Clarke's Quay, nestled away in the midst of the many bars and pubs of Clarke's Quay. 

 Our other eating sojourn was at Newton's. This is not as upmarket as Clarke's Quay, but a must-do, nevertheless. It is much like Khao-galli, if you've ever been to Mumbai, but with many seats and tables. Food stalls lined up and their Maitre D falling over one another to woo you to have a meal with them. We had prawns again here and steamed fish with rice. Again, a fair share of Indian restaurants are here too. Hygiene is always maintained irrespective of where you eat, so eat to your heart's content while in Singapore.

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