Thursday, October 14, 2010

MTNL Triband is very bad

Beware of MTNL Triband if you're scouting for a broadband internet connection in Mumbai. I have had their connection for the past about three years. My experience with MTNL is that as long as their connection works, it's amongst the best. It's fast. But if the connection goes bad or if your connection develops some problem, which is quite possible, then God save you.

The product-  MTNL Triband- is good, but their after-sales service is pathetic. MTNL Triband's broadband call centre (1504) is the single worst call centre I have come across. 90% of the time, it's busy (aap kataar mein hain). So many times I have called up this number and when someone picks up at their end, the line goes dead, as in complete silence and no reply from the other end. It takes hours and hours to finally get through. By that time, more often than not, we give up and move on. The image of a 24-hour call centre is a big mirage at MTNL. It's a shame that a government organisation should work so callously; an organisation where customers are treated shabbily. Pity!


  1. Is there any alternative you suggest to MTNL?

  2. Prashant, the other alternative that I use is Tata Photon+ (plus). This comes in the form of a portable and wire-free USB stick that you just put in in your PC or laptop. I have used Tata Photon + extensively in Poona and I was very happy; the speed was superfast. I have not extensively used it in Mumbai to frame an opinion yet, but I suppose it should as good.


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