Monday, March 1, 2010

Doctor, Pilot and the Engineer

Creativity is one of Indian advertisement agencies' strong points but also leads to a lot of duplication at times. Take, for instance, our insurance policy commercials. Especially those that are aimed at kids. Almost everyone wants to be a doctor, engineer or a pilot. Nobody wants to become a sportsmen. Those few of our kids who want to become a sportsman, it's only cricket (main bada hoke sachin tendulkar banuga) and not any other sport. Ofcourse, it'll  be hilarious if, say, insurance kids suddenly say they want to be kho-kho players when they grow up so buy Min London Child Policy. But seriously, what is wrong with someone aiming to be a good kho-kho player? What about tennis? And why the hell no kid wants to grow up to become a journalist?

I am most surprised that insurance companies selling 'dreams' to kids do not think that journalism is a profession worth aspiring for. Even though you don't rake in the moolah the kind you do being a pilot or a doctor, but that doesn't make it any less credible. There are good and responsible publication houses around that respect not only their own people but also their readers and strive to give the latest and most up-to-date news and analysis from India and around the world, the first thing in the morning after (or even hours before) we wake up. What's wrong in dreaming about a career in this profession?

My dear insurance companies, wake up and smell the many other credible professions around. Your doctor, pilot and engineer would be ignorant fools with an General Knowledge quotient of zero if it weren't for all those newspapers and magazines they get to read the first thing in the morning. With all due respect, let us start teaching our kids that the world is not just made of doctors, pilots and engineers.

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