Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Solace In The End

I am a deeply religious man. No,I do not believe in forwarding all those chain emails requesting me to forward to several dozens of people, failing which bad luck would descend on me. I simply throw such emails in the trash. I can't fathom why people believe in such emails. If you are reading this and if you still keep sending me such emails, I will soon block you completely, on my email. But yes, I believe in prayers, even though I never proclaim my beliefs to the world. But yeah I feel prayers heal and I also feel that miracles do happen, time and again, if you are sincere in your heart and if you have the faith.

Like today evening, work was at its chaotic worst. A fund manager ditched me last minute for a column he had promised to write in my magazine and my editors were hopping up and down. So was I. I had plans for the evening- more of that, later- so it was important that I get out of the office. Just when it seemed like I was trying to move an immovable mountain, my colleague comes and tell me: "Pray from your heart and the door shall open." She said that God asks us to lean against the mountain and He'll push it for us. And here are we who try and push the mountain ourselves. She added, as if she was made to say that, help would arrive in five minutes. And would you believe, help did arrive. Well, not in five minutes, but in around two minutes. Job done, I was out.

Late dinner evening was with Mother India at 'The Pearl of the Orient'. Today is her birthday, as per the Parsi calender. This is Mumbai's first, and to the best of my knowledge, only revolving restaurant. It's right at the top of The Ambassador hotel, on Marine Drive. You don't go to this place just for good food, you go here to soak the views that no other restaurant can offer you in Mumbai. Imagine you're sitting at the top of the building near Marine Drive. It was high tide so the sea was looking fierce with tides lashing in at the coast. The views from this restaurant are incomparable. It takes approximately an hour for the restaurant to make a full circle. Though I think today the service was a bit faster than usual. Not only did we have more than what we normally have, the service was fast and quick. We started when we were right opposite the Braborne stadium. By the time we just crossed Jai Hind college, we were through. Dim-Sums were good, though nothing compared to The Banker's Club of Hong Kong. The Peking promfret and Thai green curry rice were nicely prepared. Now time to go to sleep....ZZZZZzzzzzzzzzzz................

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