Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Symphony of Lights

Day Three was the last day of the conferences. Most of the speakers were quite good and it was nice to know what they thought of the global economy, especially India and China. But the organisation of the presentations were cleverly done so as to accommodate many speakers with clearly defined areas on which they'll comment. As if more proof was required on hosts' organisational skills, we were treated to yet another sumptuous, but an extremely appetizing lunch of Dim-Sums. Hong Kong, I am told, is famous for Dim-sums as that is a Cantonese delicacy and the place to have the best Cantonese food is HK. The venue was a very upper crust 'The Banker's Club' at the Landmark Building. As we took in the nice view of the Harbour, we savoured multiple varieties of dim-sums, carefully prepared to suit our taste palettes. Never knew dim-sums could taste that good and they just kept coming.

Once the conference got over in the evening, we were pretty much on our own. The group dispersed, but Rachna and I stuck to our plan to catch the boat (Hong Kong's Star Ferry) across the harbour to Tsim Sha Sui, to watch the Symphony of Lights show. Although buildings on both the Hong Kong island and Kowloon / Tsim Sha Sui participate in this sound & light extravaganza, it's best to watch it from either Kowloon or Tsim Sha Sui side, towards the island city. The show starts at eight sharp and goes on for about 15 to 20 minutes. This is a must-watch in Hong-Kong, as the entire island city comes alive with multiple skyscrapers come alive in this spectacular laser lights show. Words are not enough to describe it, so enjoy the videos.

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