Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Bring Colours into your homes

If I weren't a journalist, what I would I be? An interior decorator? Perhaps. I'm not sure, but I am having a whale of a time presently choosing various shades and colours that would soon adorn the walls of my home, selecting some new furniture -most of the existing furniture is to be retained though, we are just changing the sofa, sofa chairs, and a few things repaired here and there -and all that sort of thing. It's a pain to supervise the actual repairs, renovation work I tell you, so I leave that to my mom. Sorry. But I do take an active interest in selection. I want my house to look sexy and young and I intend to stamp my personality on it. No more old-fashioned stuff -white coloured ceilings, doors, windows, etc etc -for me now. Anyways, I have made a good discovery and let me share it with you. 

Heard of Asian Paints? Traditionally, this India's leading paints-manufacturing company, has been manufacturing paints for ages now. A few years back they started off this brand thing called 'Home Solutions' wherein they send their consultants to your home, suggest colours and also appoint contractors to get your house panted. Subsequently, the company came up with a lot of fresh colour ideas, themes, patterns and designs. No longer should your walls be painted in that dull green, yellow or cream colour. You could paint one wall with a brighter colour and the other walls with a matching, albeit lighter colour. Add patterns (that come in variety) to the showcase wall and change the way it looks, forever. Or paint landscapes on the walls of your kid's room or even the starry-lit sky on its ceiling. Or paint patterns in fluorescent texture on the walls, so that when the lights in your kids room go off, the patterns shine out. You could play around many such interesting concepts that Asian Paints -and now other paints companies too -have come up with. Walls in your home need not look the same anymore. But picking that mera wala blue has become all that more difficult. Good for us. 

Anyways, the Home Solutions team does it for you. But I am not calling them. What I did though, was, paid their in-house shop 'Colours' a visit. Just as you go to a shop selling ceramics and tiles and look at displays before you, 'Colours' has various shades and combinations of paints laid out on huge wall slabs, on display. There are tons of options to choose from. If, like me, you have your own painter, but still would like to know various colour combinations or patterns, pay a visit to 'Colours', write down the codes, colour and theme (Spatula, Ragging, Colourwash, etc) names and give them to your painter. Your painter must be good though, to do a good job with the patterns. 

On the first floor, they have model walls painted in various colours and themes. Take a look. I felt the shop had many interesting ideas for the kids room. For instance, they have a paint wherein your kids could even scribble on the walls and you could then just erase it with a cloth or something. I think it's called chalk-paint, but I am not sure. 

The best part of this shop is they have colour consultants. A prior appointment is not mandatory, but it's recommended. Sessions with these colour consultants can take a really long time and you don't want to land up there in the middle of somebody else's long sessions. You'd think what more  these consultants can tell you about colours than what you'd already know or browsed through their displays and brochures? You're wrong. They are really helpful in adding a lot of value to your choices and also do a good job in understanding your home, size of the walls, lighting , room's utility, furniture and accessories, their sizes and colours, placements of walls and what not, before suggesting you that perfect colour that would do justice to your home. These colour consultants are extremely useful and very helpful and also very patient. And patient they have to be; after all we have to live with our colour choices for atleast the next 10 years, so deciding on colours take up a lot of time. I went there thinking my session would be over in half hour; I ended up spending two hours with the consultant! Her name was Ms Mandeep; I would recommend her consultancy; she was very good. 

So the next time you want to get your house painted, pay a visit to 'Colours'. It's worth it. 

Store timings: 10 am to 9.30 pm
Thursday closed
Address: Dheeraj Plaza
Hill Road
Mumbai 400 050

Phone: 022-26431074 / 26431075

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