Sunday, July 27, 2008

The Canyons - Day 5 - 19 June 2008

After camping at Lake Powell for two nights, we said bye bye and left for Bryce Canyon. If Antelope Canyon and Grand Canyon were sandstone rocks. Bryce Canyon is full of limestone rock formations. All canyons are unique in their formations, but Bryce Canyon's rock formations are the best. The 'Hoodoos' (as its rock formations are famously called) offer a bright variety of red, orange and pink limestone spirals. Unfortunately, unlike Grand Canyon, here we stayed outside the canyon park, so we first visited Bryce canyon and then proceeded towards our resort outside the park and at the foothills of the canyon range. The amphitheatre (this particular area's rick formations form a semi-circle mountain structure that resembles the shape of an amphitheatre) at the Bryce Canyon was absolutely splendid and quite unlike I've ever seen.

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